Huckleberry Beard Company - Tea Tree Beard Wash

Huckleberry Beard Company - Tea Tree Beard Wash

$ 16.00

Want to feel majestic and somewhat reminiscent of a unicorn or leprechaun? Then Huckleberry Beard Company's Beard Wash will help set you on your way. Their TEA TREE BEARD WASH is crafted for the Blue Collar hard working man which is not to say that everyone cannot use this. They figure if it is tough enough for a logger or diesel mechanic then it would be strong enough for every man.

Beard Washing:  HBC has heard some people will go weeks without washing their beard or hair but for most men this isn't necessary and not a good means of hygiene.  No one wants to smell like a sweaty nether region on their face not to mention grow bacteria that will slowly make a nice nest egg under your magnificent bearded fluff.  They recommend washing every three days but you will have to figure this out on your own.  Everyone's skin and hair respond differently to this. Remember a clean beard is a happy beard.

To that end, Huckleberry Beard Company has developed a very nice Castile Soap, infused with the best moisturizing oils for your Beard and the sensitive skin beneath.  It is completely all natural, sulfate free, silicon free and designed to cleanse without stripping your natural oils. It has a refreshing Tea Tree scent to stimulate the skin as well as brighten up your day. The oils will help keep your beard soft and healthy.

Scent: Tea Tree

Recommended: Huckleberry Beard Company recommends adding your favorite beard oil or beard conditioner after using the Beard Wash to keep a completely moisturized and healthy Beard.