Huckleberry Beard Company - Tier One Beard Oil

Huckleberry Beard Company - Tier One Beard Oil

$ 21.00

Huckleberry Beard Company designed Tier One  as the top tier beard product for the ultimate beard care experience.

What does Tier One smell like?

Tier One will bring you back to the days of old.  Imagine sitting in the barbershop in the 1950's.  A time when men everywhere really cared about their style and grooming standards.

Why name it Tier One?

The name Tier One was taken from some Elite Operators in the U.S. Military.  Those guys are always getting things done no matter the situation which makes them the most Bad Ass guys in the world. That is why the name Tier One came about.  This scent and oil combination will get things done no matter the situation.

Why use a Beard Oil?

Beard oil will allow for a bit more taming, prevent breakage, and fight off the dreadful beardruff. 
Exposure to the elements like smoke and even daily face-washing can strip the beard’s bristles of their natural protective cuticle, rendering the already-coarse hair even more brittle, dry and
scratchy and by adding a few drops of Beard Oil to your Beard daily your beard will become healthy, happy, and will look as good as the greatest beards in history.

Hand crafted in U.S.A


Oils: Abyssinian, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Safflower, Hemp Seed Oil

Fragrance: Bay Rum

Disclaimer: May contain allergens please test product before use.

1 fl/oz 30mL