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Featured Veteran-Owned Business - Counter Strike Coffee

Brandon Buttrey has worked in a variety of capacities over the year: nurses’ aid after high school; Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman in the Navy; personal security detail for LTG Walt Gaskin; oil and gas businessman and medical trainer but his latest pursuit follows passion: coffee.    Many people think that entrepreneurs have an “aha moment” where their one-of-a-kind idea comes to life and then they singularly and relentlessly pursue it to success or down to failure.  The reality is that entrepreneurship is often a wandering journey.  Brandon Buttrey and the story behind Counter Strike Coffee is an excellent example of that journey and why veterans are a great fit in the local, small business landscape.  Brandon grew up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and enlisted...

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This Blog and the Rules of Engagement

Contact eCommerce is a veteran-owned business that seeks to build a bridge to cross the civilian-military divide.   The purpose of the blog is to write about topics of interest to both worlds with a hope that it brings new perspectives to the military and civilian readers while relating directly to the veteran readers that live in that divide.   We want discussion and different viewpoints but request that everyone respect each other's opinions and that opinions themselves are appropriate and respectful.  

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