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Bootstrap Diaries - What's In A Name?

I tried not to think too hard about a name for the company when I first realized that I wanted to step into the retail ecommerce business.  It is hard not to have a name though, even if only for the purpose of calling it something when you ask your wife to work on it for 8 hours on a Saturday.   I can't honestly recall the other names that floated in and out of my head back in 2014 when this entire idea started taking shape.  I do know that the name Contact eCommerce hit me while I was in a gym working out.  I knew that was the name for this company as soon as it popped into my...

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Bootstrap Diaries - Introduction

When I first started Contact eCommerce, I meant to keep a personal journal of my progress and share it somehow so others could learn from my successes and challenges.  I kept up with it for a while but fell off.  There is no time like the present to make a change though, and here I am, kickstarting it again, hoping to add to others' knowledge by passing my experience on.

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