Fortune Cookie Fridays - Pay It Forward

Yes!  Another Friday has arrived.  For this week:

Fortune Cookie - "Don't repay a kindness, pass it on."

Fortune Cookie - Learn Chinese and Lucky Numbers

Back in the summer, I was waiting in the drive-thru line at a Chick-fil-A.  I pulled up to pay and the person at the counter told me the SUV ahead of me had paid for my meal and gave me my bag.  I was caught off guard.  The SUV just pulled out ahead of me and was out on the street driving away.  Dumbfounded, I just said "thank you!" to the cashier who had nothing to do with it and drove off thinking about how awesome it was that somebody did that.  I posted the episode on Facebook and someone commented that I was supposed to pay for the person behind me and keep it going.  Of course!  Well, I didn't at the time because I was so surprised but I determined to go back to Chick-fil-A the next day and I paid for my meal and the car behind me.  Maybe I started another chain that day or maybe I didn't but I certainly hope someone got caught dumbfounded with surprise and gratitude the way I was the day before.  

Try it yourself!  Its a great excuse to stop in at a Starbucks just so you can buy a stranger some coffee.  

Random- but the backside of this fortune says that "Red" in Chinese is "hong."  It made me hit the Googles to see if Hong Kong would translate to something "Red" in Chinese but this Wikipedia page says Hong Kong is likely an inaccurate translation of Fragrant Harbor or Incense Harbor.  I realize there are several distinct dialects of Chinese and have not the first clue which one may be on the back of a fortune cookie that isn't even likely made within 10,000 miles of China but that makes it all the better an item to at least waste 5 minutes looking up.  Maybe someone will crack the code of what dialect these cookies are using.  

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