Contact Book Club - Introduction

Reading is FUNdamental right? 

I was a HUGE reader when I was younger.  I read a ton of books through junior high before tailing off in high school and eventually fell off the recreational reading bandwagon in college all together.  While not an excuse, there was enough reading required in college that made voluntary reading unappealing.  It didn't get better after graduating either; the newly limited hours of free-time in my professional life downgraded reading in my priority list. 

Contact Book Club Featured Image - Backlog of Books

The stack of books just keeps growing and growing

But now I'm back.  My time is even more limited these days and I wouldn't even be reading books if it weren't for discovering audiobooks (more on this in a separate post).  Now I get about one hour of reading done every day while commuting to/from work and have finished 10 books in four months without changing a thing in my schedule. 


Astrophysics For People In A Hurry - Neil DeGrasse Tyson (audiobook)

10 books in 4 months with no change to my schedule

The best thing about reading to me is the creativity it generates in all facets of life.  Somewhere along the line I was told that creative thinking is like having a jar with bouncy balls flying around inside.  Every time two of those balls strike each other, a creative idea is born.  The less balls, the less opportunity you have for those impacts to occur.  My take is that the more you read, the more bouncy balls you're throwing into the hopper to make creative collisions.  That changes everything about how you see the world around you. 

So, going forward I will do a quick recap of each book I read and get your thoughts on it as well.  Maybe others will take the time to grab a particular book that looks interesting based off of the recap and comments.  Typically, I try to rotate between: non-fiction, fiction, and professional development to ensure a nice mix and keep me interested. 

Suggestions on titles are also welcome.  The goal is to share what we are reading so that we can hopefully increase the number of books read by the community. 

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