This Blog and the Rules of Engagement

I've done a fairly significant amount of activities in my life that have pushed beyond my limits of comfort.  I've jumped out of planes, been shot at, made some significant career changes that had significant levels of uncertainty and started a family.  Starting a business even scared me to a surprising degree.  Without a doubt though, launching this blog for Contact eCommerce will be near the top of the list of scary things that I have tackled.  

I started working on Contact eCommerce in May of 2016 with a launch of the website in September of that year.  During that time, I have repeatedly seen guidance in the entrepreneur community to have a blog and share your story with the world.  What do I write?  What do I have to share that people would want to know about?  Why would anyone be interested in stories I have to tell?  What if only 2 people read this?  I honestly don't have a good answer for any of those questions but I intend to start writing and see if I can't figure it out as I go.  

I have to admit that writing is something I always enjoyed doing when I was younger but then I did less and less of it as I started to care more about what people might think of me if I shared my work.  It only took a few years into high school to lose all my original love for writing and college essays didn't help matters.  The fear of sharing any written work has persisted well into my 30s and kept me from starting this blog even though every resource pointed me towards it.  Now is no time to be afraid of writing or what people will think of it.

So here it goes…..

Contact eCommerce is a company that retails products exclusively from military and veteran-owned businesses.  There is plenty on why I started this company in our "About Us" page but I want to highlight a particular issue that is near and dear to me - the civilian military divide. 

As noted in our Mission  page, Admiral Mike Mullen (then the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) commented that the fastest growing national security threat was that America does not know its military and the military does not know America.  I believe that is true for the most part and have made it a priority in my post-military life to share my story as appropriate with others in an effort to bridge that gap.  The purpose of this blog is write about topics that overlap between the two worlds and generally share what is important to us as a veteran-owned businesses in an effort to continue building that bridge between the two worlds.  

On one side of that divide is the active duty military.  I hope they see stories that interest them and relate to them while they are still in service while providing perspective of a veteran in a civilian world.

On the other side of the divide is the American public and I hope they may get a new perspective on a familiar topic, looking at it with a military frame of reference that they may not have had.  

Finally, veterans live in the middle of that divide and I hope they find interest in the writing for obvious reasons highlighted above but also see it as a community of sorts.  Transition into civilian life is always a hot topic in the veteran community and perhaps a series of writing with a veteran perspective can ease transitioning military through the challenges and help them repeat others' success. 

We won't be limited to military or veteran content alone.  I also will have contributors who are non-veterans and they will write about non-military related topics that are of importance to this company.  We are proud to be a Colorado-owned business and will post a series of articles on Colorado activities and history that makes this place special to us.  

I would love nothing more than to have a civil discussion about the topics here.  I don't pretend to know everything, and in fact, I am acutely aware that I'm not an expert on anything.  Read, share your viewpoints, keep it civil and we will all learn something.  

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