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Through 2 - Indian Peaks Traverse Dress Rehearsal

There's a fine line in life to know your limitations and selectively push beyond them.  This was not the time to push beyond my comfort zone.  In my younger days I would have been frustrated and tried to become an expert in one day and probably crashed half a dozen times.  Sometimes getting old is actually pretty awesome.

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Through 2 - Navigating a World of Map Apps

"It doesn't make much sense to carry an old GPS device that has one purpose, is bigger than my phone, and doesn't have nearly the clarity and map capabilities that standard iPhone and Android apps now have.  So, alas, the Garmin is now officially retired. Fare thee well my old friend.  But what to use now?"

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Through 2 - From Couch to Trail: The Overnight Bikepacking Trip Training Plan

I have about two months to get ready for this ride.  I blew the time I had in the early season to get out on the trails and train and, as a result, now I have to make up for lost time or else this ride will force me into submission.  I used The Mountain Bike Project data to help plan this out.  Based on the elevation profile of the ride, I believe the greatest challenge will be the first 17 miles of the ride which has an average incline grade of 4%.  If I can get through that in decent shape then I think I can hang as long as I need to on the downhill.  START PEAK CALCULATIONS:...

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